Advanced dental technology known as Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing, or CAD/CAM, makes it possible to fabricate laboratory-grade crowns and other dental restorations in minutes. It’s an amazing innovation when you consider that traditionally, crowns take two or three visits and just as many weeks of waiting. Now you can have a restored tooth without the wait. Ellicott City cosmetic dentist Dr. Ray Becker was one of the original users of CEREC® in the United States (and the first in State of Maryland), having used the CAD/CAM system for dental restorations since 1991.cerec

CEREC® enables Dr. Becker to design, fabricate and place high quality, custom ceramic dental crowns in a single visit, helping patients to save both time and money. Traditional crowns typically require 2 or more visits to the dentist before leaving with a final restoration. Dr. Becker also uses CEREC technology to create a dental bridge for patients who have missing teeth.

What Do People See When You Smile?

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Changing your smile with cosmetic dentistry can change your life. People will notice your confidence and personality instead of your dental problems.

How it Works

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The E4D system uses 3-D imaging and CAD/CAM software to precisely plan and fabricate natural looking dental restorations in just one office visit.

First, Dr. Becker will take a digital impression of your teeth using a high speed laser scanner: your teeth are simply given a light dusting of reflective powder and then a small scanning wand attached to a computer is used to take digital pictures inside your mouth. In seconds, the computer will generate a highly accurate 3D model of your teeth.. This produces a highly accurate 3-D model that is used to design cosmetic dental restorations with a high level of precision.

The digital plans are sent to a milling machine that fabricates your restorations in minutes. Your crown, veneers, or filling can be tried on immediately and adjusted for a perfect fit. Dr. Becker will secure your cosmetic restorations – and you can be on your way.

Studies have shown that CAD/CAM tooth restorations are just as successful as crowns made with traditional materials and techniques. And the amazingly lifelike appearance of a same-day crown means that no one will know your tooth has been restored.

  • Highly predictable results – digital software allows for precise treatment planning
  • Only one office visit needed – saving you time and money
  • Natural looking results – porcelain or composite make for a virtually indistinguishable result
  • More comfortable treatment – no messy impression trays or uncomfortable temporaries