What is ProActive dentistry?

Our Ellicott City, MD  dentist promotes ProActive dentistry. ProActive dentistry is the philosophy that a combination of good oral hygiene practices and routine preventative dental health exams can effectively protect and maintain your dental health. Routine preventive care is the foundation of our dental practice allowing for early diagnosis and intervention should a dental health concern arise.

ProActive Dental Care Ellicott City

As a top local family dentist, Dr. Becker offers the range of preventive dental care necessary to treat patients of all ages. Proactive, comprehensive dentistry describes all the procedures used to arrest tooth decay and other diseases in the earliest stages. By identifying and treating the exact cause of a dental problem, we can offer treatment that is designed to prevent a recurrence in the future. The goal is to keep you as healthy as possible and maintain your natural teeth for life.

ProActive Dentistry

“Being proactive means that we are going to look for exactly what caused the condition to occur for a patient, instead of just trying to react to what actually did happen.” Dr. Ray Becker

ProActive Dental Services

Dr. Becker encourages patients of all ages to visit the dentist at least once every six months. Patients with more complex oral concerns such as gum disease or TMJ may consider visiting the dentist more often. We invite families to visit our Ellicott City, MD and Columbia, MD area dentist office to learn first-hand the difference ProActive dentistry can make.