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How Can I Treat My TMJ Pain?

TMJ disorders, or temporomandibular joint disorders, are often caused by stress or injury to the TMJ joint. This joint connects the jawbone to the skull and can lead to pain and dysfunction if damaged. Dr. Ray Becker helps patients to alleviate TMJ pain in his Columbia, MD dental office. He works with his patients as individuals to find the right treatment for their specific oral health needs. Discover how Dr. Becker diagnoses and treats TMJ disorders at Howard County Smiles Family Dentistry below.

Treat TMJ in Columbia, Maryland

TMJ Diagnosis with JVA® Quick and T-Scan®

A JVA Quick or Joint Vibration Analysis can be used to determine the stability of the jaw joint. If a joint makes noise when a patient opens and closes the mouth, it means there is damage to the joint. Using this test, we can help patients find additional therapy to regain function in the muscles, teeth, and joints. The T-Scan is another diagnostic tool that we use. This tool helps measure the bite and determine the type of occlusion or contact between teeth. The T-Scan digitally analyzes the bite force and position and allows our team to find areas of dysfunction.

Bite Correction and Nightguards

Bite correction treatment, also known as occlusal equilibration, helps readjust the position of the bite. Braces or treatments like Invisalign straighten the teeth and also realign the bite to mitigate painful TMJ symptoms. Another option for treatment is nightguards. Similar to mouthguards, nightguards keep the teeth protected. However, nightguards don’t protect the teeth from outside forces; they protect teeth from each other. Tooth grinding is a common but damaging symptom of TMJ disorders that often occurs during sleep. To keep patients from clenching and grinding their teeth at night, Dr. Becker can provide them with a custom nightguard. Nightguards prevent further wear and tear to teeth and also keep the jaw in a more comfortable position. Wearing a nightguard can also stop headaches and jaw pain.

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