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Do Not Miss Dr. Ray Becker On T.V.

Columbia, MD cosmetic dentist Dr. Ray Becker was recently asked to shoot a story of Ivanhoe Broadcast News. Howard County Smiles Dr. Becker is being featured for his extensive knowledge and experience with TMJ and TMD treatment. Dr. Becker holds a mastership in Total BioPAK and is an educator and author on the subject of occlusal disease.

See Dr. Becker on T.V April 1st 2017

Do not miss Dr. Becker on April 1, 2017! Ivanhoe is a popular news syndicate that reaches over 30 million viewers throughout the United States and will be aired on over 65 news stations. Dr. Becker’s segment on TMJ treatment will be aired April 1st.

Do Not Miss Dr. Ray Becker On TV

TMJ Treatment Columbia, MD

Dr. Becker provides thorough TMJ therapy that addresses the root of your jaw related discomfort. Dr. Becker uses advanced diagnostic tools to help properly diagnosis and conservatively treat chronic jaw pain. Dr. Becker uses T-Scan for highly accurate bite analysis results. With T-Scan Dr. Becker is better able to evaluate bite alignment and pinpoint the area of occlusion dysfunction.

Our Columbia, MD restorative dentist office offers a range of TMJ treatment options. No two patients experience the exact same TMJ and so there is no one go to treatment. Dr. Becker will work with you to build a comprehensive and conservative treatment plan addressing your TMJ concerns to alleviate pain.

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If you experience chronic jaw discomfort, you may be suffering from a TMJ related disorder. Contact our Columbia, MD dentist office to learn more about how Dr. Becker can help.