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It’s Dental Implant Month!

Are you searching for a natural looking solution to restore your missing teeth?

At Howard County Smiles, Dr. Ray Becker offers a range of tooth replacement options to help restore your beautiful smile. One of the most durable and natural looking solutions is dental implants. Dental implants are small titanium screws that are surgically attached to your jaw bone, creating a stable foundation for your restoration option.

Dental implants replace the missing tooth root and help stabilize your smile. Single dental implants are used to secure a dental crown. For patients missing more than one tooth, Dr. Becker may suggest implant secured dental bridges, or dentures for a stable, functional replacement option

Dental Implants Can Replace Your Lost Teeth

Dental implants can be an excellent solution to patients in need of a reliable tooth replacement option. Dr. Becker will work with you to determine which solution will help you achieve your desired results.

  • Prevents further bone loss
  • Stable
  • Can enjoy your favorite foods without restriction
  • Convenient
  • Don’t need to worry about slippage
  • Can chew, speak, and laugh without feeling self-conscious about your smile
  • Long lasting
  • Retain your natural face shape and smile

Unlike dental bridges, dental implants don’t require the use of neighboring teeth, so your remaining healthy teeth are not comprised. For patients who are a good candidate for dental implants, they can provide you with beautiful, natural looking smile.

The Dental Implant Process

During your consultation, Dr. Becker will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw to determine if dental implants are right for you. Dental implants require patients to have a healthy, sturdy jaw bone for the dental implants to fuse properly. If you are a good candidate for dental implants, Dr. Becker will partner with a local surgeon to surgically attach your dental implants.

The type of dental implant you receive will be base don the position of your missing teeth, your overall oral health, and what option will give you the most stable and natural looking results. Once the dental implant fuses with the jaw bone, Dr. Becker will attach a dental bridge, dental crown, or dentures that will blend seamlessly with your natural smile. To learn more about the dental implant procedure, see Dental Implants.

Dr. Becker recommends patients get their teeth replaced as soon as possible to avoid any further complications. Dr. Becker with discuss your dental goals and thoroughly examine your smile before providing a proper treatment. If you’re looking for a caring, experienced dentist; visit Dr. Becker at Howard County Smiles. You can schedule an appointment online or call (410) 415-9013 today.