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Sensitive Teeth

Do you have difficulty eating hot or cold foods? Do you ever experience sharp pains in your teeth when brushing or flossing?

You might have sensitive teeth. There are dental treatments available to reduce your sensitivity. Dr. Becker and the dental team of Howard County Smiles Family Dentistry can help to reduce your tooth sensitivity so you can enjoy your best oral health.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

At the center of your teeth is a substance called dentin. Dentin is filled with tiny nerve endings. Enamel covers the dentin and acts as a protective barrier to the nerve endings. The enamel layer can wear away over time for many reasons. Tooth decay, grinding, and years of improper brushing can all wear away at enamel. As the tooth’s enamel begins to wear away the dentin is exposed. Exposed dentin leaves your nerve endings exposed to temperature changes causing tooth sensitivity.

Another cause for tooth sensitivity is gum recession. If your gums are pushed back and pull away from your tooth, this may leave the root exposed causing sensitivity in your teeth. If you notice your gums beginning to pull back, or if they are swollen or bleed frequently, be sure to schedule a visit to our Columbia dentist office. Early diagnosis can help to prevent further damage.

Dental Treatment Options, Columbia, MD

Depending on the cause of your sensitive teeth, treatment options may vary. Dr. Ray Becker offers a range of dental treatments that can help to relieve tooth sensitivity .

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If you are experiencing sensitivity in your teeth contact our Columbia dentist office, Howard County Smiles. Howard County family dentist Dr. Becker will spend one on one time with each patient to develop an individualized dental treatment plan to help achieve optimal oral health- and a comfortable smile.