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What is CEREC Technology?

Technology has dramatically transformed modern dentistry, enabling Dr. Becker to provide treatment that is faster, more accurate, lasting and less painful. All of these benefits improve the patient experience and overall dental health.

Dr. Becker has incorporated some of the latest in dental technology into his Howard County dentist office, including CEREC technology. As one of the original users of this ground breaking CAD/CAM technology for use by dentists, Dr. Becker has provided patients with custom ceramic dental restorations the same day– no more return visits to the dentist for a dental crown, dental veneer or onlay! Currently a member of the CEREC development team, Dr. Becker remains on the cutting edge of this technology and is able to provide patients with the latest treatments and procedures using CEREC.

CEREC: How Does It Work?

One Visit Restorations with CEREC technologyCEREC technology uses computer CAD/CAM software to accurately plan and fabricate high quality ceramic dental restorations while the patient waits. Allowing Dr. Becker to ensure consistency of results and a custom fit, CEREC technology saves patients time and money.

The process begins with digital scanning of the tooth to be treated- no more messy impression trays. The digital images are uploaded to the software for designing, color matching and then milling of your new dental crown, dental veneer or onlay. Dr. Becker will prepare the tooth as needed and the new restoration will be permanently secured after being properly fitted and adjusted.

Dr. Becker emphasizes the importance of both maintaining and restoring your oral health, keeping the natural teeth functional for as long as possible. The advancements in dental technologies such as CEREC make this easier and more efficient for both dentist and patient.

If you have a damaged or missing tooth, schedule an appointment with Columbia dentist Dr. Ray Becker and see how dental technology can help you to improve your smile!