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How to Replace Missing Teeth

Millions of Americans have missing teeth. Replacing your missing teeth is important as gaps in your smile can pose a threat to your oral and overall health. Columbia, Maryland dentist Dr. Ray Becker provides restorative treatment to patients with one or more missing. Schedule a consultation online or call (410) 415-9013 to receive restorative dental treatment to replace your missing teeth today.

How to Replace Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth Risks

Living with missing teeth can risk the health of your jawbone and gums, and affect the stability of your teeth and bite. Without healthy tooth roots, your jaw bone tissue will deteriorate in the socket. The remaining natural teeth can shift and overcrowd.

Patients with overcrowded and crooked teeth are at risk of developing gum disease. Because it is more difficult to clean between crooked teeth, plaque can build up. The mouth can also shrink if there are multiple missing teeth. This increases the risk of fractured teeth and tooth decay.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dr. Becker provides treatment with dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants are a permanent replacement for one or more missing teeth. Because dental implants stimulate the jawbone tissue, this prevents teeth from shifting and overcrowding. With dental implants, patients can easily talk and chew with restored functionality.

Dentures or dental bridges are also effective solutions, but if they are not secured by implants they require routine replacements and more maintenance. Traditional dentures need to be removed for cleaning and placed back with messy adhesive. If dentures do not fit properly, they can fall out. Traditional dental bridges require healthy adjacent teeth as an anchor for a dental crown.

When secured with dental implants, dentures and dental bridges are permanent missing teeth replacements. Dr. Becker will help you discover the best implant-secured option for you and your smile.